Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bullet Train meeting set for Saturday, April 18

Charles Day (pictured left) was presented with the Bill Boyd Community Service Cup Award and James Monks (right) was presented with the Citizen of the Year Award during the Teague Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Awards Banquet held Thursday evening, April 9th in the Community Center. See The Chronicle print edition for more information.

Area landowners and interested citizens affected by the proposed High Speed Rail Bullet Train set to run through Freestone County will have yet another chance to ask questions, voice concerns and gain information about the proposed project this Saturday, April 18th.

The come and go meeting, hosted by Texas Central Partner (TCP), the company that intends to build and operate the high-speed rail service between Dallas and Houston, will be held at Teague High School from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. The meeting in Teague is one of twelve meetings being hosted along the proposed route between Dallas and Houston

TCP says the purpose of these meetings is to provide information about the project, answer questions, listen to concerns and discuss solutions. The proposed route of the bullet train has it crossing Hwy. 84 in Freestone County about four miles west of Teague on an existing utility corridor that currently includes large electrical transmission lines.

“We want to work with the communities, landowners and all stakeholders along the potential route,” says Richard Lawless, chief executive officer of Texas Central Railway (TCR). “From the beginning this project’s goal has been to...

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Sales tax rebate increases 44.24 percent for month

Robbie West and Abbey Hurst were named the Teague High School 2015 Prom King and Queen. The two were chosen by a vote by the attending students. The theme of the 2015 prom was “The Great Gatsby” and was held at the T.H.S. cafeteria. The entrance to the prom and the cafeteria were beautifully decorated to reflect the “Gatsby” era. Robbie is the son of John and Vicki West and Abbey is the daughter of Curtiss and Kerrie Hurst.

The City of Teague has received a check in the amount of $74,265.97 for their portion of the state sales tax rebate sent out each month by the State Comptroller’s office.

The April rebate check is a 44.24 percent increase over the $51,484.70 check sent to the city at this time last year.

For the first four months of 2015, the City of Teague has received checks totaling $332,687.55, an increase of 64.06 percent from last year’s total at this time of $202,782.20.

Three quarters of all sales tax rebate checks sent to the City of Teague are deposited into the general fund for local operations and the remaining twenty-five percent of the check is deposited into the Teague Economic Development Corporation’s fund account.

The City of Fairfield received a check in the amount of $106,971.33 this month. The check is 25.30 percent less than the $143,204.63 check received at this time last year. So far in 2015, Fairfield has received checks totaling $695,178.38 an increase of 3.12 percent from the $674,087.51 received by this time last year.

The City of Wortham received a check in the amount of $6,599.56, a decrease of 21.48 percent from last year’s check at this time of $8,405.51. So far this year, the City of Wortham has received checks totaling $49,055.73, a decrease of 2.24 percent from the $50,183.01 check received last year...

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Peyton’s have lots of history here

Finis Peyton II

The family of Finis Gaines Peyton II, of Teague, has been in Freestone for many years. The first Finis Gaines Peyton, grandfather of Finis the second, was born in Dew, Texas on July 7, 1888. Later the family moved to Mexia, Texas where Finis graduated as the 1905 valedictorian of his class. After graduating, Finis worked in Fairfield at the bank owned by Dr. J.B. Gordon and W. E. Richards until 1912 when he moved to Teague.

On April 22, 1917, Finis married Winnie Mary Love and in the spring of 1925, Finis and his brother Frank purchased the interest of T.J. Hall and T.S. Peyton and formed the firm of Peyton Brothers, a dry goods store. Later he would purchase the W.A. Jackson store. Finis and Winnie had two children, Grace Love and Tom Joe Peyton. Finis passed away in 1960 and was buried at Greenwood Cemetery.

Tom Joe married Elizabeth Arrant and had two sons; Tom Joe Jr. and Finis Gaines Peyton II.

Tom Joe went into the United States Navy in WWII and when he returned home he went to work for Humble Oil. His father wanted him to join him and work at Peyton Bros. Store. “I’ll buy you a ranch and get you started with some cattle if you will...

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Three busts net over 2.5 ounces of Methamphetamine

A couple of tips to area law enforcement agencies last week has helped to take approximately two and a half ounces of Methamphetamine off the streets in Freestone County and led to the arrest of four Mexia citizens at three different locations. According to Chief of Police Dennis Cox, the Teague P.D. received information...

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Jorden flexes his muscles at Nat’l Meet in Atlanta

THS graduate and University of Texas San Antonio Powerlifter Coy Jorden flexed his muscles at the USA National Collegiate Powerlifting Competition on April 10th in Atlanta, Georgia. Coy took first place in the 183 pound weight class with a total lift of 1,699.5 pounds. According to the results, Coy’s best lifts included 638 pounds...

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