Saturday, May 28, 2016

Scholarships, grants total $721,395 for seniors

THE AL HOLLAND, JR. Integrity Award was presented to Zacchaeus Bell at the Senior Awards Night, May 19, 2016. The Al Holland, Jr. Integrity Award is the highest award presented each year to a graduating senior who exemplifies sincerity, honesty, courageousness and concern for others. The award was presented to Bell by T.H.S. Principal Chris Skinner. Zacchaeus Bell was also awarded the Earle Long Trophy for Outstanding Senior Athlete. The Earle Long Award was presented by T.H.S. Athletic Director Donnie Osborn.

The sixty-seven graduating students in the Teague High School Class of 2016 were presented a total of $721,395.00 in scholarships and grants during the 2016 Senior Awards Night held on Thursday evening, May 19th, in the T.H.S. Auditorium.

Of the grand total amount, local families and businesses contributed $118,450.00 with college and military scholarships totaling $606,045.00. Once the students cross the stage on Friday evening, June 3, 2016, and receive their diplomas students receiving scholarships and grants will be attending two and four year schools and universities to further their education.

Students graduating in the top 10 percent of the 2016 Senior Class are Rebekah Havens, Hannah Anderson, Addison Stuver, Justin Fowler, Emily Hayes and Hope Scales.

2016 Honor Graduates include Josh Evans, Angie Wheeland, Mick Morgan, Zacchaeus Bell, Jasmine McQuirter, Bradlee Lafoy, Cody Gonzales, Rodrigo Morales, Lawson Lane, Ryan Mitchell, Mikenna Reid, Malea Anderson, Olivia Guerrero, Tyesha Johnson and Hanna Fisk.

Honor, Academics and Special Awards were also presented to the members of the Class of 2016 during the three-hour presentation.

The Al Holland, Jr. Integrity Trophy is the highest award given each year to a graduating senior. This year it was presented to Zacchaeus Bell. The award is based on sincerity, honesty, courageousness and concern for others.

The Tommy Massey Award, given to the Outstanding Senior Boy, was presented to Justin Fowler. The award is based on Citizenship, sportsmanship and integrity...

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Teague VFD receives grant, purchased new rescue equipment

A JAWS OF LIFE POWER PLANT is part of the equipment received through the grant for rescue equipment.

Teague Volunteer Fire Department recently received a $10,817 grant for rescue equipment through Texas A&M Forest Service’s Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program.

The new equipment purchased through the cost-share program includes a power plant for the Jaws of Life, rescue struts, a ram, a windshield cutter and windshield removal tools.

“This is a great looking package of tools; some are replacing decades old equipment, while others are improving the department’s capabilities to serve their community,” said Texas A&M Forest Service Regional Fire Coordinator Troy Case.

Teague VFD Chief Jody Bodine is excited to have more reliable equipment such as the struts and glass cutters which are new additions. The struts are used in the first step of extrication to stabilize the vehicle causing it to sit solid and making the scene safer for the rescuers and the victim. The glass cutter is specialized for the newer vehicle windshields and helpful in removing the glass in one piece.

“We are replacing older rams that were about 25 to 30 years old and the pump for the Jaws of Life was 10 to 15 years old. The quick struts and glass cutter are new additions...

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Sales tax rebate check decreases

The City of Teague has received a check in the amount of $51,541.27 for their portion of the state sales tax rebate sent out each month by the State Comptroller’s office. The May rebate check is a 47.67 percent decrease from the $98,493.72 check sent to the city at this time last year. For the five months of 2016 the City of Teague...

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