At Teague Intermediate School... Parents outraged over disciplinary action; students told to rub hands on floor, lick fingers

TISD School officials are still investigating a disciplinary incident that occurred on Friday, May 12th involving Intermediate School Principal Vickey Little and the fourth grade boys at the school.

Numerous reports on social media pages began to appear from outraged parents Friday evening after school was dismissed and the fourth grade boys began telling the bizarre disciplinary actions they were required to do.

What would have been a quite Mother?s Day week-end turned into a Mad Mother?s Day week-end for area moms and dads with children attending Teague Intermediate School. According to posts on the internet, Intermediate School Principal Vickey Little called the fourth grade boys into the cafeteria in an attempt to find out who had written a bad word on a wall at the school. After nobody admitted to writing the word on the wall, Little allegedly had the students sit down on the floor, slap hands with students next to them, rub their hands on the floor in a circular motion then in a backward circular motion and then lick their finger.

The first post and the most talked about was from Adrienne Acosta, who has a son in the fourth grade at Teague Intermediate School. Following Acosta?s post, more parents joined in and confirmed what had happened after questioning their 4th grade boys, which attend the school.

Parents met with TISD Superintendent Dr. Nate Carman and Principal Little early Monday morning. Lisa Echols, who was at the early morning meeting and has a fourth grade grandson at the school and who was quoted in a News Channel 25 story, said that Principal Little admitted to it. Echols added in the 4 story ?She doesn?t need to be principal at all. I hate to see anybody lose their job.?

Parent Latresha Phillips was quoted in the story as saying, ?No, I would not think she would do something. That?s not the kind of a person I?ve always seen her as. She did admit, and it shocked me,?.because we all looked up to her and we all know her, and that?s not the kind of person she is.?

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