For new brush truck ... Dew VFD receives $195,000 grant

PICTURED WITH THE NEW DEW VFD BRUSH TRUCK are (l to r) Troy Case, TFS, RS IV, Eric Simpson, Vyncent Price, DVFD Fire Chief Monte Atchley, DVFW Assistant Chief Carl Clark, and Matthew Schlaefer, TFS, RFC.

Dew Volunteer Fire Department recently received a grant through the Texas A&M Forest Service?s Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program. The funding was used to purchase a 2016 Ford 750 brush truck that will help increase their capacity to save lives and property.

The new truck is equipped with a front bumper turret, 16,000-pound wench, a slip-on unit that has an 800-gallon poly water tank and a 10-gallon foam tank.

Front bumpers on fire apparatus are no longer just bumpers. They can now be out fitted with a variety of firefighting equipment that can improve the initial-attack and water delivery. Dew VFD chose to attach a water turret that will be used to discharge a high-velocity stream of water and foam to help with a quick knock down. They will be able to make a blitz attack on a fire even before exiting the apparatus.

The VFD?s 114-square-mile rural service area is primarily brush, pasture and farm land but the new truck will be very beneficial when fighting any type of fire.

?The primary purpose of the truck will be for wildland firefighting but we will also take advantage of the truck?s firefighting capabilities and use it for vehicle accidents on the very busy Interstate Highway 45,? said Dew VFD Fire Chief Monte Atchley. ?The bumper turret adds a safety factor to the initial attack because we can stop and pump while other units are arriving or setting up. The foam system is a great benefit in helping to conserve water while coating the fuel and smothering the fire and helps keep the flames from rekindling.?

The department participated in training on the use of the new vehicle and all its updated equipment. They had the opportunity to use this training when they were called to respond to a car fire. The car was parked between two gas pumps at a local gas station. The new equipment allowed a quick knock down of a dangerous situation.

Dew VFD has been serving their community since 1979 and are always looking for committed volunteers. Anyone wanting to apply may pick up an application at 112 CR 477 or come to a monthly meeting that is held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Texas A&M Forest Service is committed to protecting lives and property through the Rural Volunteer Fire Department Assistance Program, a cost-share program funded by Texas State Legislature and administered by Texas A&M Forest Service. This program provides funding to rural VFDs for the acquisition of firefighting vehicles, fire and rescue equipment, protective clothing, dry-hydrants, computer systems and firefighter training.

For more information on programs offered by Texas A&M Forest Service, please visit http://texasfd.com.

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