5K and 10K Runs... Fourth annual “Righty Run” set Feb. 25th at Fairfield Lake State Park

The fourth annual ?Righty Run? will take place on Saturday, February 25, 2017. The 10K and 5K will begin at 8:00 a.m. and the 1K starts at 8:05 a.m. To register, visit getmeregistered.com/rightyrun. Registration information can also be found on Facebook at The Righty Run. The annual event is held to raise Pediatric Stroke Awareness.

Alex Ward is a hilarious, red head, almost 10 year old boy who lives in Fairfield with his parents, Cory and Jennifer, and siblings, Hayden and Hayley. He has endured quite a bit in his little life.

At 7 months old Alex was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, which is a rare and very dangerous seizure disorder that effects infants. That diagnosis led to an MRI, which determined that he had suffered a stroke in utero. At that time, Alex?s parents, Cory and Jennifer Ward, gave daily injections of ACTH for 7 weeks to stop the seizures and began therapy for the effects of the stroke. The stroke occurred on the left side of Alex?s brain. As a result, he has weaknesses on the right side of his body.

He was developmentally delayed, sitting at one year old, walking at about 21 months, and finally talking well between age three and four. Alex has been in many different types of therapy including speech, physical, behavioral, occupational and CI therapy since he was diagnosed. He has closed many of the gaps and has made lots of improvements but still focuses specifically on making ?Righty? stronger.

After struggling with seizures, a temporal lobectomy was performed to remove the portion of brain where the seizures were originating. Alex has only had one episode of seizures since this surgery! After a major growth spurt, surgery was necessary in January of 2016 to lengthen his Achilles tendon. He recovered well from this and continues to gain strength! As he grows it is important to keep and eye on any possible changes that could occur.

Jennifer, Alex?s mother, says, ?In general Alex is doing really well and is getting better since his Achilles tendon surgery with the help of occupational and physical therapy. He may have to get the other tendon done as well. They do constraint therapy by putting his left arm in a cast so he will depend on his ?Righty.? Life with a stroke survivor can be full of surprises or complications, but Alex handles whatever is thrown at him like a champ!?

Sign up will still be available at the race or sign up on line.

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