Church was organized about 1873...First Baptist Church’s History dates back to Brewer Prairie days

CONSTRUCTION OF THE second building of the First Baptist Church began in 1922. The building was struck by lightning on Sunday, July 21, 1946 and the building and furnishings were completely destroyed by fire.

Editor?s Note: This article continues the stories on the first churches in Brewer Prairie and Teague. The story and the pictures were taken from the files of the First Baptist Church in Teague

The First Baptist Church in Teague has a rich history that began before Teague in Brewer Prairie.

The heading on this history of the First Baptist Church states: An Incomplete History of The First Baptist Church of Teague, Freestone County, Texas gathered from some scattered old minutes and by word of mouth of some of the older members. It is unknown who wrote this church biography.

The church was organized about 1873 and was known as the Brewer Prairie Baptist Church of Christ of Freestone County. Services were held in a community house called The Grange. This church had services on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday. The Methodist, Presbyterian and other denominations used the other Sundays.

Early in 1903 the Baptists built a large one-room building of their own. Mr. Ben Connell, one of the members, helped to build it. This building was moved to the site of the present church building in 1906 or 1907, with the addition of two ante-rooms, this building being used until 1922, when a brick building was erected with basement and two stories. Mr. Charley Johnson supervised the construction. The building was occupied as soon as possible, even during the construction, but was not completed until 1945 and was never dedicated. It was struck by lightning on the afternoon of Sunday, July 21, 1946 and the building and furnishings were completely destroyed.

Plans to rebuild were started immediately with the selection of a Building Committee, which met for the first time on August 9, 1946. Shirley Simon of Tyler was selected as architect, Mr. John Rife as building supervisor and Mr. Jim Swinborn was supervisor of the masonry work. The first brick was laid on September 8, 1947 and the last one November 10, 1947. The first service was held in the basement on May 16, 1948, and the first service in the auditorium was on July 4, 1948, the building being complete with the exception of the spire and finishing some of the department and Sunday school room walls. The building is furnished with opera chairs, electric organ, loud-speaker, broadcasting system, eight pianos and about 250 folding chairs.

Services were held in the First Christian Church building at night and midweek, , at the high school on Sunday morning, and revivals were conducted in the First Methodist Church, during the time we were without a building.

The first persons baptized in the new building were Gwen and Pat Goolsby and two others.

First Pastors to serve the church as far back as the records go are:

Rev. A.S. Perry, 1976-1879; Rev. A.F. Blackwell, 1879; Rev. W.T. Chase, 1880; Rev. R.H. Miller, 1880-1881; Rev. Childs, 1885; Rev. A.B. Tedder (was pastor when the church building was moved from the west side to present location), 1895; Rev. Keys, 1907-1908; Rev. Cary Daniels, 1908; Rev. Walter Evans, 1909; Rev. .B. Sansing, 1910; Rev. Webb, 1911-1913; Rev. E. Homes Tirey, 1913-1917; Rev. E.M. Francis, 1917-1920; Rev. Albert Venting, 1921-1922; Rev. E. Homer Tirey, 1922-1939; Rev Jno. O. Scott, 1940-1944; Rev. A. P. Hamrick, 1944.

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