All 48 lawmen in Freestone County... Love of Law Enforcement presents new ballistic plates to officers

LOVE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT organizer Megan Martin (center) presented Sheriff Jeremy Shipley and the Freestone County Sheriff’s Department with two new ballistic plates for each officers bullet proof vest. The new plates are capable of stopping rounds shot from rifles, not just handguns. Pictured at the presentation are (front row l to r) Sgt. Scott Shaw, Chief Deputy Devin Mowrey, Megan Martin, Sheriff Shipley, and Megan’s father, Deputy Travis Martin. Back row (l to r) are Deputy Kristy Lawrence, Deputy Jack Wright. Lt. Clayton Aldrich and Deputy Preston Cordova.

Love of Law Enforcement organization, formed by Megan Martin of Teague Tactical Supply, presented 96 ballistic plates for the bullet proof vests worn by every law enforcement officer in Freestone County. These new plates are capable of stopping rounds shot from not just hand guns, but from high powered rifles. Two plates go in each vest at a cost of approximately $550 per set. Money well spent when it comes to protecting those who protect us.

Megan?s group, Love of Law Enforcement, set a goal to provide the high strength plates to every law enforcement officer in Freestone County. Megan asked for donations, held a raffle for an AR-15 Rifle, customized by T.B.K. Gun Works and received a very generous reply. Through all the fundraisers, Love of Law Enforcement raised approximately $11,000.

Sheriff Jeremy Shipley said, ?On behalf of the Freestone County Sheriff?s Office I want to thank Megan Martin for the effort she put forth in order to, not only organize, but successfully fulfill her goal of out-fitting all full time peace officers employed in Freestone County with new ballistic plates. Megan?s efforts in raising the funds were a selfless and loving act that went above and beyond in assisting in the protection of our men and women in uniform. These plates could potentially save the life on one of our very own one day, and for that reason alone, I consider Megan Martin a hero to all our law enforcement in Freestone County. I would also like to thank all those who donated or contributed financially to this cause and assisted Megan in her efforts. We are a part of a great County, a great Community and the Freestone County Sheriff?s Office appreciates this fact every day.?

This was not only for the love of all of all our law enforcement officers but also Megan?s love for her father, Freestone County Sheriff?s Deputy Travis Martin.

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