The Time For Nehemiah

Have you been paying any attention to what is happening in our nation’s capitol lately? How could you not, right? With all of the hatred going on, with all of the vitriol and the accusations, we are in a mess! And I mean a mess that’s being created by all sides, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. One side is deeply embroiled in hatred, the other side lacks support, and the third has its own agenda. Even though both Republicans and Democrats...

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No Longer A Possum

As I was getting ready for church this past Sunday morning, I looked out the kitchen blinds and onto the back porch to see what my dog was doing. Was she awake or still sleeping? It was too early for morning breakfast, I just thought I’d see if she was awake. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an opossum by the back gate, and so did she. And just as quick, she sprang off her bed and grabbed that opossum by the back of its neck! I quickly...

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The Path You Take

Have you heard the story about the old lady that was walking on a pathway that led through the forest and as she came to a fork in the road she began to toss a stick up into the air? Well, sir, she was seen tossing this stick into the air over and over again. A young man who was watching her asked her, “Lady? What in the world are you doing?” She replied, “Young man, I’m tossing this stick up in the air to determine which fork I’m to take when it...

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The Great Commission

Well, a calamity has just hit my household, one of epic proportions if you ask me. I just broke my favorite coffee pot! I accidentally knocked it off the kitchen counter, it hit the floor, and shattered into a million pieces. That is a calamity, isn’t it? Now what am I going to do? At least I’ve still got my Keurig Coffee Maker, but it only makes one cup at a time, and it’s not near as good tasting as my old trusty Black and Decker coffee pot! I also have an old metal electric...

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